global fishing adventures

Welcome to World-Wild-Waters!


Many waters of our planet are providing spectacular fishing experiences. Come along with us to large rivers, wild waters, small creeks and the wide oceans. Through desert landscapes, steppes and primal woods. We are leaving behind only footmarks and taking not more than pictures. The welfare of the fishes is every time the most important thing. Our project is ambitious: We want to find the biggest, most exciting and strongest fishes of our continents and oceans. Where was the angling in earlier days perhaps good, where is it today most worthwhile and where can we expect in future the biggest prospect of catches? We are informing with a precise reporting and want to inspire many people for these tours. Because only people being a part of this will get involved in protecting this last wilderness.

„There is not insufficient time we have, but too many time that we not use.“

Lucius Annaeus Seneca