The art of spinfishing


Dezember 2013 .  Uganda  .  Nil

Martin Sack

After our unforgettable adventures we had experienced at our first trip to Uganda for Frank and me it was an easy decision: We would return one year later to the tropic Africa. Motivated by our earlier spinfishing success we wanted to focus at our second tour only on artificial lures. So we puzzled one year long new rigs, optimized the lure systems, changed materials and I developed and produced even self-made rubber lures especially for this tour!

Next to optimizing our lurefishing methods we planned to explore 80km new river stretch with many white water and wanted to fish beyond the Murchison falls also at further breathtaking waterfalls. Our fishing region was again the Murchison Falls national Park in Uganda, in which it was at more than 100km river length of the Nile completely forbidden to extract any fishes. As we would experience later the Park Rangers made an excellent job and protected the river now also at night from poachers. We were very glad, that the money of the tourism was used to save this last wilderness and we also could really feel it!

As our four by four came closer to the Nile, our excitement was rising. How was the water level this year? How murky was the water? And first of all: Was the river not full of weed? But we came just to the right time – the dry season had started three weeks ago, the Nile was actually a bit shallower and clearer then last time. Also it was obvious what we had to do. At the evening we had a happy reunion with many known faces and especially our guide Echi was very excited to go again with us for spinfishing on the water. After our last trip nobody had tied this in our style, and also this year we would have this Nile stretch nearly for us alone! We started with the rising sun to our known hot spots between hippos, crocodiles and rapids – and were at once back to the middle of the total nileperch mania! Everything worked again, and our small modifications even better. Now we had the knowledge where we could set the anchor, how to cast at the spots at the bank after painful bushwalks through the hills and which were the best tactics for playing the fishes. Already at the first day we could land 23 nileperches!

But it was not only the art in choosing the perfect methods. The art also consisted in merging with the rough nativeness, which has become so weird to most people from the western world. To get in accordance with yourself and your environment. To face an eternalness, which made all the struggles at the sweaty heat forgotten. Always driven forward by the instincts of the hunt, which lead to a final melting into the wild river.

We stayed the first eight days up to twelve hours on the water and could outwit at the end of this time unbelievable 103 nileperches. I caught almost all of my fishes on my self-made lures, this was certainly an outstanding experience. Particularly the current-capable, slim 18cm variant was the absolute winner. Because of our tackle composition with no compromises I managed to loose not one fish by line cut at this trip, in spite of many bloodcurdling fights at pathless grounds! Indeed, we could not land a nileperch of 50kg or 1,50m, but lost one fish around this size direct at the boat. Another fish fighting with heavy pressure shook off the hook under our boat. But this is fishing, and we were happy about a big amount of good catches and clearly more juvenile perches in this year – again a sign of the optimized protection of this stretch.

Beyond the nileperches we had some exotic by-catches again. Beside four Semutundu-Catfish once again a species of a rare elephant fish tried to inhaul our lure! And also some of the crocodiles were interested in our artificial lures…

We explored after our boat stage with the four by four further stretches of the river, which had too heavy wild water for boat trips. The next highlights were the Karuma and Ayago Falls. Here the fishing from the bank was not so easy, and the crocodiles made it impossible to walk through shallow passages. But in combination with many wildlife our three safari-exploration-days were absolutely worthwhile and we could rise up the final nileperch score to 106, which was much more than we had expected!

Here we could feel the atmosphere of departure, how it maybe had been many years ago at the catfish rivers of Europe. And we are confident: Some day we will catch at the Victoria Nile one of the really big nile perches on a lure – and can´t imagine another place on the planet, where this could be more exciting!



Angler: Frank, Martin

Nilperch more than o.5m: 106

Nilperch more than 1m: 15


1.101.00 – 0.89 – 0.87 – 0.86 – 0.83 – 0.79 – 0.76 – 0.73 – 0.71 – 0.68 – 0.67 – 0.67 – 0.65 – 0.63 – 0.63 – 0.61 – 0.59 – 0.58 – 0.58 – 0.57 – 0.54 – 0.52


1.361.361.111.03 – 0.91 – 0.90 – 0.81 – 0.76 – 0.72 – 0.58 – 0.54

3.Day:17 – 0.84 – 0.83 – 0.82 – 0.77 – 0.74 – 0.73 – 0.72 – 0.67 – 0.67 – 0.65 – 0.63 – 0.58 – 0.53 – 0.52


1.30 – 0.99 – 0.93 – 0.90 – 0.87 – 0.85 – 0.81 – 0.81 – 0.68 – 0.66 – 0.65 – 0.59


1.03 – 0.97 – 0.86 – 0.82 – 0.81 – 0.70 – 0.70 – 0.66 – 0.64 – 0.60


1.04 – 0.95 – 0.85 – 0.80  – 0.74 – 0.71 – 0.67 – 0.66 – 0.65 – 0.61 – 0.61


1.26 – 0.85 – 0.77 – 0.73 – 0.60 – 0.51 – 0.50


1.341.09 - 0.97 – 0.91 – 0.85 – 0.85 – 0.78 – 0.69 – 0.64 – 0.61 – 0.59 – 0.58


0.75 – 0.71 – 0.61

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