Don´t Panic!

Wels Catfish

September 2012 .  Spain  .  Rio Ebro

Martin Sack

After my canadian adventures I prepared the next fishing trip, a home game to the spanish Rio Ebro. But also here we had to reconsider and adapt old strategies. The rumor of long-range blockings for fishing from the bank was not just yet reality.  But you could never know who was controlling what at the moment. The autumnally run of anglers was stopped a bit by the extremely low water levels. By now there missed 17m of water, with falling tendencies.

At all places reachable by car we would had shared the spot with some neighbours. Fortunately I had for this situation a suitable plan and my companion Minca the right gut feeling again. If we had knows which hard work lay just before us we would had start with the haulage a bit more slowly. We carried all our equipment with dinghy, motor, supplies, water, pellets and outdoor-housing down a rocky hill, on the boat and across the river. So we drove to a non- fished spot not accessible by land and met in deed nearly no other people during our trip!

Shortly we had prepared the four rods in the last light of the first day we caught the first two cats up to 2,21m. The next day we were sure that we had made the right choice. Minca caught two times her new PB, with two cats more than 2,30m!

We had a lot of bites at the following days and fought at sunny and warm weather from the bank and the boat. We caught 2m-fishes and fought among brutal escapes also against trees and rocks under the water surface. After the first day we lost so many material that I was afraid to have not enough line and hooks with us. Especially the choice of to short shock leader caused two line cuts – 20m of 0,90mm line against abrasion were absolutely necessary at this place! We recovered three trees together with three of our rigs with our dinghy and a rope. As we got an idea of the other snags under water we became the situation more and more under control. But the river had no mercy. A lot of loosened water plants came downstream and we spent a lot of time to free our lines and rigs of the green. We tried to keep our traps always ready for action – even if at some times an effective angling was not possible. Once we had to abolish our camp in the dry river bed and to flee for a temporary, but quick rising of water.

Because of the low water level the big cats were concentrated at the typical hot spots. A lot of them had bite marks similar to the time around the spawning period. It took place obviously a territorial fight among the fishes. So we managed to catch in the same way like last year selectively many cats more than 2m. Minca raised her PB up to 2,35m and caught her first cat of 2,33m again. At the finish we looked back to 27 fishes more than 2m!

At the end of the tour we experienced a heavy decrease of temperature with highest degrees of the days of 11-14°C and continuous rain showers. But we still outwit good fish despite of the colder water. Only abolish and departure at continual rainfalls was a last energy-sapping action.

Retrospective we fished all time at full throttle and resisted the forces of nature as good as possible. We hope that the controls and the conservation of this unique exception water will move forward in the next year. The preservation of the catfish population is the most important thing and for everything else we will surely have a right plan!

Or how Minca said in all situations: „Don´t panic. And thanks you all the fish!”



Angler: Minca , Martin

Cats more than 1m: 63

Cazs more than 2m: 27

Carps: 12

2.21 – 1.67

2.342.332.182.12 – 1.87 – 1.71

2.332.222.15 – 1.54 – 1.35

2.23 – – 1.78 – 1.72 – 1.41 – 1.27

2.13 – 1.72 – 1.61 – 1.56 – 1.49 – 1.40

2.18 - 2.17 - 1.65 – 1.60 – 1.51 – 1.48 – 1.44 – 1.01

1.63 – 1.21

1.49 – 1.44 – 1.10

2.142.07 – 1.79 – 1.27

2.33 – 1.88 – 1.59

2.352. – 1.94 – 1.90 – 1.83 – 1.62

2.152.13 – 1.67 – 1.20


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