Poppers paradise

GT and more

January 2014 . India . Laccadives

Robert Balkow

A great feeling overwhelms me as i can feel the soft and warm coral sand between my toes. While I am watching the turquoise coloured water and enjoying the warm shafts of sunlight. Well, that is how the paradise looks like! And we are the first german anglers who made their way down here to made this priceless experience.

Our luggage is stowed into the typical wooden boats they use here and after a short time we were transferred from airport island Agatti to Tinakara. After around one our of cruising with the old chugging diesel engine we can finally spot our home for the next days. In the middle of a lagoon with crystal clear water there is “our” island, palm trees in the background and some comfortable tents right at the beach. We spend the rest of the day preparing our tackle to start early on the next morning.

In the middle of the night we got awake by a strong thunder and lightning. Massive rain was running down the tent and also the wind had picked up as you could see high waves breaking at the reef in the distance. I can still hear the words “It never rains in January!” The unstable weather was pushing us to fish the first three days to fish around our lagoon and the closer islands catching some nice fish already. While jigging Max caught a big jobfish as well as a nice napoleon und fishing poppers leads to the first GTs. Jörg also caught his first GTs and a nice coral trout while jigging. Mathias and Kay are also doing well, catching their first GTs and Kay also lands a nice dogtooth while jigging. All of them are really fired up as it is their first trip to a warm saltwater destination. Yves is not very satisfied with the whole situation, calls fishing as slow and wants to go far away to other reefs. What will happen during the next days is some mind blowing action.

We started in the middle of the night in direction of far reef system and atolls. Laying down on a thin mattress in front of the boat we soon fell asleep again. Around five hours later we were approaching our target and you could see a reef in the middle of nowhere with braking waves. All of a sudden all were awake and only minutes later the first lures were launched. After only a few casts my lure disappears with a big hit and splash into a mouth of an angry GT. That’s how we like it and what we have been coming for! The whole day one fight followed the other and all of us could land several nice GTs till the end of the day. Jörg in the other boat was the rod of the day with several big fish in a row. In the afternoon i finally got my chance on a big fish after it chased my lure for some meters before he smashed it very aggressive and letting it disappear between his massive jaws. The drag of my Stella 14000 reel was totally closed but this fish still managed to rip of some amount of line. After a brutal fight we could finally land a 40 Kilo monster GT. That is how I imagine GT-paradise and we were right in the middle!

As we towed our boats to a buoy in the evening the air was full of fishing stories because everybody had something to tell. Also the following days were full of unique experiences like when Max and Jörg found themselves right in the middle of a hunting school of yellowfin tunas and got a double bend in their rods with those fast predators, or when Kay was battling with some big sharks over two meter on his jigging rod. The last day should be Max’ lucky day. Already in the morning he went for a unintended swim as a huge GT nailed his popper brutally and startet running like a rocket against the nearly closed drag. Somehow Max had to do a step forward losing his balance and he found himself back in the water still with the rod in his hands and the unimpressed GT taking line. Immediately two of the local people jumped after Max they got him and the rod back to the boat within seconds and they continued to fight the GT for a while before the line got shaved by some corals. You all can image his disappointment.

But he got the chance for a revenge in the afternoon only minutes before we called it a day. Again a massive fish took his popper and gave him a hard fight. This time everything went well and after another exhausting battle they could land this monster. What an exciting final of a truly dream trip! At the end we landed 132 GTs in total with 6 fish being 30 Kilo+ and a lot of other sometimes very colored fish species.

A melancholic feeling was mixing up with the endless feeling of happiness when we saw a sailfish free jumping on our way back to the camp, waving his fins to say good bye. Thank you Yves for a great trip into this paradise and thanks to all participants – it was a pleasure for me! We all agreed that we will come back next year to do this dream trip again.


Angler: Robert, Mathias, Kay, Jörg, Max

GTs: 132

GTs more than 30kg: 6

And many fish species more