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January 2017 . Uganda . Nile

Martin Sack

The Cessna was not flying much higher than hundred meters above the African savanna. The pilot was following the shores of the system of lakes on a twisty course. At the horizon the mountains with dense jungle were rising up, underneath our plane herds of elephants and buffalos where strolling through the bush land. At one lake we crossed native fishers in traditional rowing boats so deep that we could observe all their boat equipment and nets. Again a great adventure was lying behind us, which experiences will stay in our minds for sure long time.

A nileperch of 20kg weight managed easily, with a closed drag, to blast with some headshakes a 0,70mm steel leader, 100lb braided line, 300lb braided catfish leader, damage frighteningly 1,2mm mono leader or bend a treble hook Owner St 41 2/0. Without any question – a nileperch of the Victoria Nile was the strongest fighter I ever met in the fresh water! And we were again in the middle of all, at our fifth tour to the paradise of lure fishing. Again we had no disappointing day, faced ongoing awesome action and adrenaline.

The falls where covering into smoke. Above them flames where blazing through the bushes, giving the scenery an extraordinary atmosphere. Above the fire birds of prey where circling, looking for flushed animals. This year the dry season was extremely hot, we faced temperatures up to 37°C. Because of the low level of the Nile it was not easy to find the perch, many spots of the past where leading to no bites. Furthermore many weed was coming down the river. But knowledge of the place and tenacity where leading to success at the end. So everybody of us could catch a dream fish more than 1,50m and 50kg, at a final result of 60 nileperches in good average sizes. Sadly we lost also two big perch, but this is fishing.

Next to all the perches a big crocodile was attacking my Trophy Shad, but cutting the line during the “fight”. To be save from assaults of this reptiles, especially when landing a fish, I had brought a heavy lip grip of 90cm length. This tool was absolutely helpful. We fixed with it a bigger nileperch at the lower jaw, let the fish down in the water and drove slowly with the boat to a shallow and save bank for picture (never lift the fish up with the lip grip!). For sure the safest way for catch and catcher!

Also in the savanna we had wild life of its best, including two female lions and a young one. After a visit at the pygmies, which where sowing us their life in the woods before “civilization”, our journey was leading to the mountain gorillas in the tropical rain forest. We had big luck to find a group at a glade instead hidden on trees – and could stay under them for one hour with a distance of only two meters! What great moments, heart-warming and mournful in the same way. Today there are less than thousand living in the wild, ongoing threatened by the hunger of the growing mankind for more living space and raw materials. As same as the big nileperches the counted for sure to… the last ones of their species!


Angler: 2

Fishing days: 8

Nileperch: 60

Nileperch more than 1m: 26

Semutundu catfish: 3

Statistic nileperch, length in m:

1.58 1.511.361.301. 081.081.07 – …


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