General travel information

General travel information


Our choice of fishing waters

Who is travelling with us is on the quest of the adventure of his life. The expeditions are mostly very time-consuming and have their price. Therefore we are only satisfied with travel destinations which are offering in their category the absolute best fishing of the world. All fishing tour packages are planned in that way, that every single participant can expect maximum catch success. Our demand is to find out and offer the best fishing waters for all giants of the fresh and salt water! We always adding the experience of the local guides with many own knowledge – thereby we create a higher value instead only acting as a travel agent.

The sizes of our groups

We are not fans of big travel groups. This will reduce the price for every member, but will be bad for the price-performance ratio for sure. Only in good adjusted group sizes we have the possibility to offer everyone the best chances of catching fish. Depending on the travel destination this are normally 2-8 angler. Thereby are generally only two anglers in one boat or team. On demand, to save costs, we offer at some tours also alternative bigger group or boat sizes.

Travel in the category Group

Every fishing tour is conducted by minimum one staff of World-Wild-Waters. Our assistance is starting and ending at the agreed starting point of the tour – normally at the respective airport. For arrival and departure to this meeting point, including booking of flights and organizing of visas, everybody is responsible on his own. Of course with the help and advice of us. Every fishing team will have during all fishing days one guide from us or a local partner. All tours to European destinations are supported by minimum one teamer of us. We generally fish also during our tours, but first we will help every member to catch his dream fish.

Travel in the category VIP

You are travelling as only guest exclusive with direct support at all fishing days with one German/English speaking staff of World-Wild-Waters. Moreover all rental fishing tackle and its transport at plains is inclusive.

Travel in the category Individual

Here you have the possibility to travel without a German/English speaking staff of World-Wild-Waters and minimum group sizes to our fishing destinations for lower pricings. Thereby a local partner of us will support and guide you. But you should speak English, having more own initiative and better skills of fishing.


Many maybe don´t know it, that outside of Europe most of our countries of travel are calculating in US-Dollar – next to the USA also many countries in South America, Africa and Asia. So we ask you for understanding that also we have to adjust our travel pricings to the actual exchange rates and global developments, and bigger changes in pricings from year to year can be possible. When you made a travel conclusion with us, the travel pricing of the contract will stay stable, of course.

Days of travel

We offer the most tour packages with 10 fishing days. These are the complete, full fishing days – we don´t include in our quote the arrival- and departure days, when we fish there only some hours. The complete trip then is normally around 14 days. This is often a good relationship of costs and time effort of arrival and departure and we have enough time at the destinations to catch many fish, try sometimes also new ways and tactics and look for pristine water stretches. On demand we can expand or reduce the fishing days, if a complete group is interested!


All tours are designed regarding best catch results and not maximum comfort. However, we try to manage as much as possible a very relaxed stay. For that reason most of our bush camps are on a higher level, with generator, cooking team and best camp- or lodge equipment. When we stay in hotels, they are simple and clean. On demand you can book more luxury at all tours!

Your requirements

Your fishing experience is absolutely not important for our tours. As a complete rookie you will get more help from us, as a specialist we will manage that you can realize all plans which you have in your mind. Thereby it is you choice if you want only “a relaxing guiding” or if you are more interested in learning the fishing. In every case we appreciate the best team spirit of all members!


At all tours into the wilderness the safety for all participants is the first priority. We only travel to countries which are political stable and we prepare as much as possible to deal with medical emergencies. But often we are up to one day travel away from the next civilization, so you have to act always carefully and to observe all relevant safety rules. If somebody is ill or has handicaps in other ways, he should tell us this very early before starting the journey. Just as well every member has to ask his doctor for advice concerning immunization and malaria prophylaxis and doing all preparations for his own health.

Catch & Release

We are doing at all tours only Catch & Release. We are taking only small fish for dinner, when allowed. We handle all fish as gentle as possible. This is beginning at the right choice of the fishing tackle and is ending at a direct and fast picture with the right handling after the catch. We distance ourselves explicitly from putting fishes on a rope or bag in the water alive for long time, only to make group pictures with more fishes.

Way of booking

If you are interested in a tour we will reserve it for you non-binding first. When the minimum amount of members has reached, we will look all together to flight connections or others ways of journey and you will get our travel contract. After conclusion of the travel contract you will get much detailed information about the tour. Furthermore we will give advice to all your individual questions all time.

You want to go on a tour with us – far beyond the common fishing horizon? Then simply contact us by mail or phone!


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